Nov 27, 2011


I was sitting on tumblr and suddenly saw that rutaah reblogged a photoset from 'home alone' film. This really reminded me of our winter evenings. Oh, i miss winter weather so much! It makes me feel like i want to jump in the warmest chunky sweater, drink hot chocolate, eat home-made pizza and watch 'home alone' with my girls. Winter is perfect with this film. I only get into xmas mood when i see an episode of this film on TV. It HAS something. 

But now i think the xmas mood really touched me. I'm already thinking about gifts, decorations and all the stuff of xmas. I think it's quite good time to fall in that mood: it's not too early and it's not too late.
Winter is almost here and i have a little surprise for you guys. You'll be able to know about it on 1st of December. It's nothing interesting, but anyway. I really want to do something like this. 

Have a nice week everybody,
G :)