Nov 21, 2011

Latvia vol.I

This weekend was amazing. Our dance group had a concert in Rīga, Latvia. I really like performing on the stage, so do all our group. It feels so good, when you know you gave everything to make the performance perfect. Of course, it can't be perfect, you'll always find where to cavil at, but that's just is. 

As it should be, we had an after-party after performance. I don't have many photos from it, 'cause i was having fun and had no time to take them! But i saw that other people took lots of photos, so i'm gonna try to get them. 

We stayed in Rīga for a night. We had really great time there, again i have no photos. Kirse has all of them. But i have some which are taken in the morning :)

And some random ones

together with our dance teacher ♥
domantas having fun with my camera

I really enjoyed this trip. I know i say it after every single trip of Pynimėlis, but we know how to have fun. Our trips are the best, so are all the people in our ensemble. Love you, guys!