Aug 25, 2011

Pieces of my childhood

I think this day is one of the weirdest days in summer. I was vaccinated this morning, now my arm hurts a bit, but it is not what this post is going to be about. I spent the great half of this day tumblring. I don't know why or how, but i think i'm starting to be dependent on tumblr. It has no specific functions and so, but spending my time here is pleasure. Okay, talking like that makes me feel like a nolifer :D 
I had a really terrible headache, so decided to take a nap. My nap lasted for 4 hours... Nice, hmm? I woke up, but the headache didn't even decrease. I thought that the best way to take away the pain is to eat something, so i went to my grandma and ate a few cepelinai. 
I messed about my grandma's wardrobe to find a few her old clothes, so i could re-sew them and have a new wonderful skirt/dress/blouse and etc. But i found something better than this. My childhood clothes! Oh my god, i can't believe i was THIS small! 

i've liked cooking since childhood :))

mom said that i really liked to wear this one :D

i can't believe i liked wearing dresses. as i remember, i was doing everything like a boy... :)

well, i've really grown up

It was an incredible feeling seeing my childhood clothes. I don't even know how to describe that feeling. I wasn't shaking and so, but i really felt something and couldn't believe that i've worn all these baby clothes! 

G :>

Aug 20, 2011

Basketball fever

Yeah, i know i haven't posted something new for quite a long time, but c'mon, it's summer! 

Lithuania is crazy about Eurobasket 2011. Wtf, why does it mark 'Eurobasket' as a spelling mistake? :D Sooo, almost all the old roads are new now, the main thing - the ball - is everywhere... I'm a bit sick of all those things and stuff. But. I know that basketball means a lot for lithuanians and the fact that Eurobasket gonna happen in Lithuania is pretty amazing. 

So, friendly matches happen in recent days. Today was Lithuania-Russia. Lithuania didn't win, but i don't care about the result, that basketball team is my favourite all the way and i just can't judge them. They try, they fight and give everything to be the winners. Well, shit happens someday, it can't be perfect all the time. I have a few photos from today match (yeah, i was in the hall and watching it LIVE ^^).

after Lithuania national anthem


is it me or is he soooo handsome? :D

two points! hell yeah!

good job, guys :)


hand wave ^^ there you can see an Amberis - Eurobasket 2011 talisman

'Lietuvos Rytas' cheerleaders and Amberis

I'm really excited about Eurobaket 2011. Don't know what to expect for, but i'm pretty sure that one month just gonna be CRAAZYYYYY. Can't wait for all the foreigners to come to our country, for all that basketball spirit and for everything that is related to this awesome game!

Don't know what to wish for,
G :D

Aug 1, 2011

Goodbye July, hello August

The last month of summer. Time really flies by. I haven't even noticed how June and July passed. Okay, maybe i've been traveling too much and that's the reason why time flies by. But it's better than to stay at home and do absolutely nothing, just watch TV and sit in front of computer, isn't it? 

As almost everyone knows, i don't like to plan my life. I don't know what to expect for from August. Usually, it is the best month of summer for me. Yeah, i know it sounds a bit weird, but this month gives me an understanding that i must appreciate my time much more than i do. When school year is near and you still have 31 days left to make your summer absolutely amazing, you just can't sit alone at home, watch TV and nibble some snacks. You have to go out, meet new people, find new places, party hard, make memories... Just enjoy your summer :) 

So, i wish you to spend the last month of summer so, that after everything you could say my summer was perfect.

You better be good, August,
G :P