Apr 4, 2012

It's time

I guess you've already noticed that i update my blog much rarely again. Well, i don't really want to write a long post explaining why i'm not writing here, so... 

I just think it's time to end everything. I don't enjoy blogging about my own life anymore. I begin to understand that i'm just an ordinary person living my life - nothing special happens in my life what could be interesting for other people. Well, i think showing pictures of parties where i had been and writing 'i've just eat some ice-cream' is nothing special and kind of boring and recently my posts have become exactly that type. I don't need this anymore.

I don't know if i'll stop blogging at all, maybe will write a few posts per month, but they won't be for you guys, just for me. I believe one day i'll feel like wanting to remember everything, so i'll just come here and read my posts. 

I just want to thank for everyone who enjoyed reading my blog, who promoted me to keep going, but everything that has a beginning must come to an end. Thank you all again!

Thanks for being with me all this time!