Dec 1, 2011



It's 1st of december today. Winter, right? But you know what? In Lithuania we usually have snow already in november, but now it's as dry as you can't imagine. I don't like this type of winter, no no no. I hope we'll have snow asap, 'cause if not... Winter without snow is just not winter.

Luckily, my blog has a little bit of snow, haha :)) I really enjoyed doing this new theme for winter, so i hope you like it! I'm also thinking about doing something like this to mention special days in my life. Just like the google does. For example, it's my bday and i put some gifts and bday stuff on the banner. I think it's just more fun. By the way, i've already changed my playlist. Now you can listen to xmas songs. Mainly there are no popular songs like all i want for christmas is you and so on. I don't know why, but these days i enjoy listening to the real xmas music like jingle bells, rocking around the christmas tree and lots more. So, i hope that my new playlist will provide that xmas mood for you guys :) (wtf, i don't know why it doesn't play all the songs... i'm trying to fix it)

I told you that i have a little surprise for you all and now i'm ready to tell about it. So, as you know, december is a time of miracles. Sorry, but that's all, i can't tell you nothing more. All you have to do, just to send me an e-mail* with your home address. It won't be used for some random things, don't worry. You can trust me :) 

I wish you the best winter,

* (don't laugh at it, i just love strawberries so much :D)