Nov 27, 2011


I was sitting on tumblr and suddenly saw that rutaah reblogged a photoset from 'home alone' film. This really reminded me of our winter evenings. Oh, i miss winter weather so much! It makes me feel like i want to jump in the warmest chunky sweater, drink hot chocolate, eat home-made pizza and watch 'home alone' with my girls. Winter is perfect with this film. I only get into xmas mood when i see an episode of this film on TV. It HAS something. 

But now i think the xmas mood really touched me. I'm already thinking about gifts, decorations and all the stuff of xmas. I think it's quite good time to fall in that mood: it's not too early and it's not too late.
Winter is almost here and i have a little surprise for you guys. You'll be able to know about it on 1st of December. It's nothing interesting, but anyway. I really want to do something like this. 

Have a nice week everybody,
G :)

Nov 25, 2011

Everything is over

It had to be a normal day in dance lesson. I didn't expect something different. We were doing some exercises when suddenly my cousin Greta came and started shouting. Your mom is here! The first thought that came into my head was wtf, what is she doing here?? I opened the door. And guess what???? MY DAD WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! I started shouting and crying. I really didn't realize that everything is over. No more webcam chats, no more days without him. I hugged him and didn't let him go. I was crying and crying and crying on his shoulders. Like really, i didn't understand what happened. It seemed that i see this person the first time in my life, my dad was like a ghost. Really. When everything came to reality, i saw that almost everyone of our dance group were watching at us. I don't know... everything seemed too strange.

I've never been surprised this much! I was shocked until the end of my dance lesson. Yeah, i continued dancing and i don't know why i didn't come home together with my parents. But that's ok, 'cause my friends really helped me. They were as excited as me. They were happy for me and my mom. I can't imagine having the better friends. The very best ones are already mine!

little bit of dad's stuff

I just want to thank for everyone who supported me. It really means a lot for me, i appreciate everything you said and did to make me feel better. These six months have passed very fast with your help. 

G loves you all :* 

Nov 23, 2011


(Nežinau, kiek laiko galvojau, ką čia tokio parašius, kad nenuobodu skaityti būtų. Žinoma, nesugalvojau. Seniai rašiau lietuviškai, taip keista dabar. Ir neįsivaizduoju, nuo kur pradėti.)
Maniau, jog sutiksiu tave mokykloj. Stipriai apkabinsiu ir išbučiuosiu. Palinkėsiu gerų metų, sveikatos, laimės, meilės. Kad daug šypsotumeis. (Nesusitikau, neapkabinau, neišbučiavau.) Tavo šypsena nuostabiausia yra, Vikut. Tik tu gebi šypsotis nuoširdžiai, o jei kas nepatinka, susirauki. Niekad nedarei kažko, kad įtiktum kitiems. Buvai savimi. Galiu drąsiai teigti, jog to išmokei ir mane. Atrodei žiauriai didelė, norėjosi į tave lygiuotis. Lygiuotis nepavyko, bet perėmiau iš tavęs geriausias savybes. Dabar gebu priimti kritiką, neapsimetinėju ir nemeluoju, džiaugiuosi mažais dalykais. Bet svarbiausia, išmokau bendrauti su kitais. Negaliu sakyt, kad nemokėjau to iki mums susipažystant, bet tu manyje išugdei visiškai kitokį bendravimo supratimą. Liksiu tau skolinga iki grabo lentos. 
Turbūt net nežinai, kokia esi įtakinga. Vien tavo šypseną pamačius, galima užsikrėsti ir išsišiepti nuo ausies iki ausies. Aš nežinau, ką tu turi tokio, ko neturi kiti, bet tas dalykas žiauriai veža. Žaviuosi tavimi kaip asmenybe, kuri turi tvirtą charakterį, nuomonę. Kaip asmenybe, kuri žino, ko nori iš gyvenimo. 
Sakiau, kad saugau geriausius žodžius tavo gimtadienio sveikinimui, kažkaip neatrodo, kad šie geriausi. Tiesą sakant, pradedu rašyti sakinį ir negaliu pabaigti. Trūksta žodžių. Tu esi tokia nuostabi, jog tinkamus žodžius yra be proto sunku rasti. 
Visgi, gerų tau pirmųjų pilnametystės metų, brangioji. Visada išlik tokia, kokia buvai ir esi, lažinuos, ne viena aš tavimi žaviuosi.

- Labas, pilnamete ,- išsprūsta man

Nov 21, 2011

Latvia vol.I

This weekend was amazing. Our dance group had a concert in Rīga, Latvia. I really like performing on the stage, so do all our group. It feels so good, when you know you gave everything to make the performance perfect. Of course, it can't be perfect, you'll always find where to cavil at, but that's just is. 

As it should be, we had an after-party after performance. I don't have many photos from it, 'cause i was having fun and had no time to take them! But i saw that other people took lots of photos, so i'm gonna try to get them. 

We stayed in Rīga for a night. We had really great time there, again i have no photos. Kirse has all of them. But i have some which are taken in the morning :)

And some random ones

together with our dance teacher ♥
domantas having fun with my camera

I really enjoyed this trip. I know i say it after every single trip of Pynimėlis, but we know how to have fun. Our trips are the best, so are all the people in our ensemble. Love you, guys!


Nov 18, 2011


We meet up sooooo much less than normally. It's really hard for me, 'cause she's one of my besties. I like to say that she's a business woman, because she's always busy and busy and busy. I'm really happy that everything  went okay and i could meet Viktorija today. 
She's special. I don't know how to explain that. She's just special. I don't want to say something more, 'cause i'm saving all the best words for her bday wish post. Can you believe that she's turning 18 on wednesday??? I can't. My girl is gonna be an adult. My girl...

She doesn't like taking pictures, that's why she's always holding her hands on the face. I still have no photo where we two look normally. Need to have some, i think.

hugs for all,
G :*

Sorry for my inactivity. I have nothing to write about for now and i think it's better not to write something stupid. 

Nov 6, 2011

Fall holidays review


The week is over. It means that it's time to go back to school. It sucks. Like really, why our fall break is soo short? Anyways, i had the best fall holidays ever. Not staying at home, always doing something crazy, just enjoying mah teenage years. This is how it's supposed to be.

On monday me, mommy and grandma went to visit all the dead kinsfolks of ours. Just lighted up some candles on their graves. The cemetery is near our village, so we also visited others kinsfolks who are still alive. I don't really like visiting them, 'cause it's just boring, but this time was different. I laughed a lot because of my grandma's sister. So, my monday was sooo for chilling, but genereally, i enjoyed it.

I spent tuesday with my grandma. Just got boring of sitting at home, so i decided to do something different. I do not usually visit my grandma, but this was perfect to do it. So, i came to her home and she started to offer me everything: fruits, sandwiches, soup, tea, coffee... You know, grandmas :)) Grandchildren always seem to be hungry for them. But that's OK, i like that. So, i chose coffee. We drank a lot. You know, coffee is the most tasty when you drink it with grandma. Really.
Also, we were talking about her teenage years and i can say that it's so much different than our generation's. It's hard to believe that there were times like that. I really wish everything was like that now.

Wednesday. Oh, i met up with karolina and kotryna. It was the first time when me and kotryna were together. I really admired this girl before, so i thought it would be very nice to meet her. I can't explain how cute she is! Lithuanians have a saying 'nors prie žaizdos dėk', but i don't know how to translate it into english :)) It means that a person like this is very kind, frank and so on. I'm completely sure she's one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen! So, after an hour in a cafe we went to my house. We were talking and talking and talking. Kotryna suggested to have fun on chatroulette and we were like why not. So, we spent all the night chatting with nice people.

Agnė celebrated her 18th bday on thursday and she invited me. Yay! We had lots of fun doing random things, talking, shouting, dancing, drinking... I'm really like thumbs up for Agnė's bday. I met my old friends and some new ones. I hope it's not the last time i saw them!

On friday me and karolina went to jama&w concert. We met ingė and gabrielė there, they gave us to taste dried grapefruits :D So, the concert was AMAZING, we weren't there until it's over, but nevermind. Actually, we got bored of waiting for the main group, but the other one was really nice. At first we were like c'mon, how long we still have to wait, but then some magical power manifested and we were like yeaaaaah, let's get crazy. After a concert karolina stayed at my crib for a night. Chatroulette was ON again.

Saturday was booooooooring. I didn't go anywhere, just needed to rest a little bit. I tidied my apartment, 'cause it was full of random things which were dropped anywhere. Basically, i sat in front of TV just watching various TV shows. I'm not into watching TV, but this day i had nothing to do. 

And now it's sunday. The last day of fall holidays. And i'm sitting in front of computer and writing my adventures here. Crap.

Hope your holidays were good,
G :)

Nov 3, 2011

Chatroulette powahhh


Yesterday me and Karolina decided to stay over at my house. We had lots of fun on chatroulette!

I've already knew that thing, chatroulette i mean, but i tried it only yesterday! Everything went okay, we met really friendly people who have a good sense of humour. OMG, we were laughing all the night until about  5 AM :))