Nov 6, 2011

Fall holidays review


The week is over. It means that it's time to go back to school. It sucks. Like really, why our fall break is soo short? Anyways, i had the best fall holidays ever. Not staying at home, always doing something crazy, just enjoying mah teenage years. This is how it's supposed to be.

On monday me, mommy and grandma went to visit all the dead kinsfolks of ours. Just lighted up some candles on their graves. The cemetery is near our village, so we also visited others kinsfolks who are still alive. I don't really like visiting them, 'cause it's just boring, but this time was different. I laughed a lot because of my grandma's sister. So, my monday was sooo for chilling, but genereally, i enjoyed it.

I spent tuesday with my grandma. Just got boring of sitting at home, so i decided to do something different. I do not usually visit my grandma, but this was perfect to do it. So, i came to her home and she started to offer me everything: fruits, sandwiches, soup, tea, coffee... You know, grandmas :)) Grandchildren always seem to be hungry for them. But that's OK, i like that. So, i chose coffee. We drank a lot. You know, coffee is the most tasty when you drink it with grandma. Really.
Also, we were talking about her teenage years and i can say that it's so much different than our generation's. It's hard to believe that there were times like that. I really wish everything was like that now.

Wednesday. Oh, i met up with karolina and kotryna. It was the first time when me and kotryna were together. I really admired this girl before, so i thought it would be very nice to meet her. I can't explain how cute she is! Lithuanians have a saying 'nors prie žaizdos dėk', but i don't know how to translate it into english :)) It means that a person like this is very kind, frank and so on. I'm completely sure she's one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen! So, after an hour in a cafe we went to my house. We were talking and talking and talking. Kotryna suggested to have fun on chatroulette and we were like why not. So, we spent all the night chatting with nice people.

Agnė celebrated her 18th bday on thursday and she invited me. Yay! We had lots of fun doing random things, talking, shouting, dancing, drinking... I'm really like thumbs up for Agnė's bday. I met my old friends and some new ones. I hope it's not the last time i saw them!

On friday me and karolina went to jama&w concert. We met ingė and gabrielė there, they gave us to taste dried grapefruits :D So, the concert was AMAZING, we weren't there until it's over, but nevermind. Actually, we got bored of waiting for the main group, but the other one was really nice. At first we were like c'mon, how long we still have to wait, but then some magical power manifested and we were like yeaaaaah, let's get crazy. After a concert karolina stayed at my crib for a night. Chatroulette was ON again.

Saturday was booooooooring. I didn't go anywhere, just needed to rest a little bit. I tidied my apartment, 'cause it was full of random things which were dropped anywhere. Basically, i sat in front of TV just watching various TV shows. I'm not into watching TV, but this day i had nothing to do. 

And now it's sunday. The last day of fall holidays. And i'm sitting in front of computer and writing my adventures here. Crap.

Hope your holidays were good,
G :)