Nov 18, 2011


We meet up sooooo much less than normally. It's really hard for me, 'cause she's one of my besties. I like to say that she's a business woman, because she's always busy and busy and busy. I'm really happy that everything  went okay and i could meet Viktorija today. 
She's special. I don't know how to explain that. She's just special. I don't want to say something more, 'cause i'm saving all the best words for her bday wish post. Can you believe that she's turning 18 on wednesday??? I can't. My girl is gonna be an adult. My girl...

She doesn't like taking pictures, that's why she's always holding her hands on the face. I still have no photo where we two look normally. Need to have some, i think.

hugs for all,
G :*

Sorry for my inactivity. I have nothing to write about for now and i think it's better not to write something stupid.