Oct 21, 2011

Before i die

I saw this on Dafne and Gabby's blogs. In fact, it made me to think about what i want to do in my life. I was searching all these images on tumblr and really got inspired. It seems just like small things, but when you realize how it's important for you, you're just flooded with such a good feeling and all you want to do is scream 'one day i'll do this'. I don't know why and how, but the smallest things make me happy recently. I'm really thankful for somebody who gave me an understanding that life is such a good thing.

Yeah, there are no shopping things and stuff like that. I just think that it is not the main thing what happiness is made from. We need to be happy about every little thing, we must appreciate everything we have. I can't stand that kind of people who are unhappy about their life. Do you know who are REALLY unlucky? People who barely make ends meet because of super small amount of money, woman who is beaten by the man who should be her loved one, children who don't have parents, people who don't have home, those who can't eat whatever they crave for and are happy about every little piece of something what they can eat... There are a lot of people who live worse than you, so please, stop talking that your life is shit, 'cause you have everything to make it perfect. 

G :]

Oct 20, 2011

Happy bday to the sexiest girl alive

This girl celebrates her 15th bday today! I know, it's hard to believe that she's only 15, 'cause she looks like... at least 18 :)) I don't know what to say about her, 'cause i've post quite many posts about her.
She was my classmate. Yeah, WAS. This year she went to an another gymnasium and i very miss her. We sat together in all the lessons, so it's really hard without her now. She's really a chatter-box, so she always were talking and talking and talking. I was quite tired of all her stories, but now i realized how much i miss it. I miss everything about her. 
Of course, we meet up three times a week in dancing lessons, but it's not the same. She's not by my side everyday!!!  OH CRAP, I MISS HER! ♥

I like giving presents on the exactly bday day, so do my friends. So, after school me and Karolina went to an amazing, tiny and the cutest flowers shop ever. I really recommend to visit it if you live in Panevėžys, 'cause it's so amazing. Actually, i don't know the address of it, but it's somewhere in Respublika street, near to the Ameli Boutique :) Yeah, it's the cutest flowers shop ever, i want to have one like this when i'm older. We always buy flowers here for our dancing teachers, parents, friends... So, visit it if you haven't yet ;) 
So, we bought bright coloured bunch of flowers. Karolina (it's not the same who i went to buy flowers with) is very girly, so we thought that the best flowers for her are the pink ones. 
We had a dancing lesson today, so it wasn't hard to plan everything. Karolina, Ruta and me met up a bit earlier and were waiting for another Karolina soooo much. Finally, she came and everything was amazing. We sang 'happy bday' to her, gave her flowers and wished everything the best. 

Happy bday to the sexiest girl alive,
G :*

Actually, this had to be posted yesterday, but i got sick and had no energy to sit in front of computer. My body's temperature is a bit higher than it should be, so i'm really sad that i won't be able to attend Karolina's bday party. Have a great bday, darling! :* 

Oct 14, 2011


Today i went to Vilnius, 'cause my dad's job organized one more trip to spend some time together with others soldiers families. Again, just little kids were there, but it wasn't boring as in Zarasai. We had some free time, but almost everything was planned exactly in seconds. So, basically we were in KAM (Krašto Apsaugos Ministerija) listening to the speeches of important people. They were talking about soldiers in Afghanistan (i can't believe i've already learnt to write this word without google translate), about their duty there and so on. After that we made a pie, which was soooooo tasty that i HAD to ask for the recipe. I think i'll write a recipe post. While eating, others were talking online with their men, but only for 5 minutes. We were almost in the end of this thing, so had a lot of free time, but there was nothing to do. So, i was sitting in front of the table and texting Domantas. Finally, it was our turn for talking, so we went there and after that we went straight to the bus, 'cause it was freaking cold. Actually, i like cold weather, but it was too much. I'm afraid of thinking about the winter. Brrr...

Generally, i enjoyed this trip. I really felt all the spirit of waiting. Some nice man was singing a few songs about military, it really touched our hearts, almost everyone were crying. You don't know how hard it is to be apart for so long. All those families live only by waiting for their men. They're really good at it. I'm proud of those wives, who catch on. It's the most important thing, while their men are in such a risk. 


Oct 4, 2011

5 months


5 months. That's how long my dad is in Afghanistan. I know i've already posted almost everything about him, but i really miss him. Actually, i didn't even notice that it's already 5 months. Time really flies by and it's not because my dad isn't here. All these years passed away so fast (i know, i know it's 3 months left 'till New Years), i didn't even feel it. 

So, it's only a month left and, i hope, my dad is back. I know he needs to stay a bit longer there, so it's not exactly one month left, but a bit more. But those few days don't mean anything when you're waiting for him to get back for soooo long. 

Those kids who have their parents by them side are very lucky. They see their parents everyday, they talk to each other, argue sometimes, but this is how the real family looks like. People aren't perfect, but together they can make something like this. Arguing with each other is a part of our lives and it happens for every of us. That's just is. Love all the people who surround you. Without them it'd be very difficult to live. 

G :)

Oct 2, 2011

Saturday in Zarasai


Yesterday i went to Zarasai together with my dad's co-workers families. It was organized by his job and only for those families, which men are in Afghanistan right now. So, we had lots of entertainments there, but for me, it was a bit boring. You know, others kids were about 5 years old, so i had nothing to do, but to be with my mom and grandparents :) 

Anyways, it's better than studying for maths exam :D I really hate maths. I prefer lithuanian language, english, history, but not maths, chemistry and physics. So, i should continue my story of the weekend.
We went to see the oldest oak in Lithuania. Its height is 23 meters, thickness - 3.5 meters and its age is... about 1500 years! Unbelievable, right?

So, as i said, i was a bit boring, but big thanks fly to Domantas for helping me to spend my time there. We were texting a lot, so my mobile batteries died after a few hours :D 

So, this trip was a bit not what i expected, but nevermind. I know they try to do everything for us to be happy and i really appreciate it. After a week i'm going to Vilnius. It's going to be kind of the same, but the most important part is that we'll be able to contact our heroes! Can't wait for it.

G :>