Nov 25, 2011

Everything is over

It had to be a normal day in dance lesson. I didn't expect something different. We were doing some exercises when suddenly my cousin Greta came and started shouting. Your mom is here! The first thought that came into my head was wtf, what is she doing here?? I opened the door. And guess what???? MY DAD WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! I started shouting and crying. I really didn't realize that everything is over. No more webcam chats, no more days without him. I hugged him and didn't let him go. I was crying and crying and crying on his shoulders. Like really, i didn't understand what happened. It seemed that i see this person the first time in my life, my dad was like a ghost. Really. When everything came to reality, i saw that almost everyone of our dance group were watching at us. I don't know... everything seemed too strange.

I've never been surprised this much! I was shocked until the end of my dance lesson. Yeah, i continued dancing and i don't know why i didn't come home together with my parents. But that's ok, 'cause my friends really helped me. They were as excited as me. They were happy for me and my mom. I can't imagine having the better friends. The very best ones are already mine!

little bit of dad's stuff

I just want to thank for everyone who supported me. It really means a lot for me, i appreciate everything you said and did to make me feel better. These six months have passed very fast with your help. 

G loves you all :*