Jan 29, 2012

Saturday with J!!!


I can't explain how happy i am! Yesterday mom woke me up and asked me if i want to go to Kaunas and i was like what? to Kaunas? sure!!! and of course i summarily thought about Joana. We're friends for like 5 years and it's incredibly strange that we met each other on the internet. I've never thought that i could meet someone so close to me on the internet. 
I'm really upset about living in different places, 'cause we meet up just for like 3 times in a year. But that's better than nothing and when we have a meeting we spend hours just talking to each other and laughing. It's never enough for us, we try to stay together as long as possible and when it's time to say goodbye i'm almost crying. It's a really strong relation between us and it kills me when i realize i'll see her just after three months. 
We appreciate every minute spending together, we try to do as much as possible while being together. I can easily say she's one of my besties!

it was very cold outside, so we spent hours sitting in vero cafe @Akropolis
meh trying not to pose, lol :D

I didn't even notice how those 5 hours flew by. I told you it's never enough for us! Can't wait to see her again! Maybe i will be able to make it on her birthday which is in April :')

Superduperhyperekstramegaultra happy G ^^

Jan 15, 2012

weekend @Kirse's place

webcam powahhh

All i can say - i always have fun with this girl. She does everything to make me smile! I really appreciate all of her efforts and now i'm feeling much much better. 
Kisses for you, beauty :*


Jan 13, 2012

January 13

January 13. It's a very important day for Lithuania. At the night of January 13 the Soviet Union attacked an enormous crowd of lithuanians who were determined to protect our country from enemies. Soviet soldiers broke the barricades and then they were met by thousands of unarmed people , but it wasn't a trouble to do what they wanted. They were chrushing the people with tanks and shooting at them... 
13 people were killed by the Soviet soldiers. Also, more than 700 people were injured. I can't perceive how people can be so full of aggression...

Now January 13 is named as Day of Freedom Defenders. It's difficult to say whether Lithuania would be the same Lithuania as today without those kind, patriotic and fearless people who defended our country. Would we be free? Would we speak in our beautiful lithuanian language? Would we have the same opportunities as today? Lots of questions which can't be answered, so i want to say for all the lithuanians who's reading this - LOVE OUR COUNTRY


Jan 8, 2012

Just thoughts


This is it. School break is over and i'm starting school tomorrow. Well, these two weeks were better than nothing, i rested very well. Basically, i was at home all the days, and yeah, i know it doesn't sound well, but nevermind. Just didn't feel like going somewhere, so i had only one sleepover at karolyte's place. I can't imagine spending the time with her without having fun on chatroulette! We stayed there until 6am, met one nice belgian and two hollanders. We had really great time there, as usually.

Of course, me and my friends had lots of fun on christmas day and on new years eve. Well, one unpleasant thing happened this week and i don't really want to talk about it. Just... it's quite hard time for me. I feel like i'm losing all the closest friends of mine. We're friends like for more than 4 years and the feeling that we're falling apart really sucks. I know it's not gonna be like before and it hurts, but i just want to have them by my side when i need them, not only when they need me. 


Jan 3, 2012

Pretty little liars

Oh my gosh i love the newest episode of pll! I was waiting for it for a really long time and now everything continues. Ura!!!!! I'm so excited!

I started watching pretty little liars when i had nothing to do one weekend. Rutaah was always talking about these series and i was kinda sick of them, 'cause i don't prefer watching things like that, but now i'm really thankful for her. I watched all the episodes in 3 days, i guess. Yes, i really had nothing to do that weekend. Anyway, i really got interested in pll, they just have something that keeps me waiting for new episodes. I don't want to sound like some teenage girl addicted to tv series, so i think i'm gonna stop writing right here :D and if you haven't watched pretty little liars yet, you better go and watch it!