Jul 30, 2011

Time in Palanga

You know what? Palanga is the best place to have fun when it's summer! The weather wasn't very good, but who cares, those four days were soooooo damn good. I met up with Diana and Neringa and all i can say is that the meeting was perfect :) I was stupid that i worried about not knowing Neringa well, 'cause she's is very talkative and nice girl. What about Diana? She has a very good sense of humour. I like that.

Umm... I noticed that i write new posts when it's late and then it's hard to remember something :D I don't like baltic sea, so i haven't bathed at all. Just been chilling on the beach, taking looks at various people (or should i say guys?) and enjoying my summer. It's a really good feeling when you have nothing to worry about and all you have to do is just live your life. 

Btw, that guy, who said 'hi Goda', if you're reading this, i really hope you do, it was really unexpected when you said it :D I don't know why i've just wrote this, but it had to be mentioned somewhere. 

Whoah, i see it's time to sleep, 'cause my thoughts are somewhere, but not in my head. I will upload some photos on FB someday, so you will be able to see a little part of my vacation in Palanga. Okay, goodnight everyone, i need to have a good sleep, 'cause i need new clothes. Shopping time tomorrow! :D

Love you all,
G :D*

Jul 26, 2011

Leaving again

This time it's not for like week or two. Only for 4 days. I haven't been in Palanga since 2009, so it's really necessary to spend a few days in this city this year. I'm not going with my friends like almost every teenager does. It's a family trip. With my mom, godmother, her husband and their kids. 

I'm meeting Diana and Neringa on wednesday. I'm so excited about it. Haven't seen Dia since 2009 and i really miss her. I remember almost everything about our first meeting, but i won't tell you everything, 'cause it's a little bit shameful :DD In general, the meeting was good and i hope it will be the same this time! Now about Neringa. I have never seen her in real life, just been talking a few times online. I'm a bit nervous about meeting her, 'cause i don't know her well and maybe we will have nothing to talk about... I hope it won't come true and everything will be good. Really want to see these girls :)

morning coffee in Vilnius while waiting for an airplane to land on

Enjoy every minute of the summer, 'cause the school year is near, hehe :D I'm not upset about going to school, are you? Okay, maybe a little bit, but the school is a part of our lives and that just is. 

G ;D

Jul 23, 2011

Living life

Yesterday i came back from Ruth and was too tired to post something of our adventures. Soo, my wednesday-thursday night was amazing! Not only night, but nevermind.
We always make pizzas, pies and etc. when sleeping at someone's home. That day we made pizza! Ruth said to write a post about making the pizza, but i don't know... maybe later :)

meh waiting for the pizza to bake :D

finally it's done! ^^

Only pizza to eat isn't enough, yo? So we made popcorns! I'm not the fan of popcorns, but these were really tasty. We ate popcorns in 5 minutes, i guess. Lol, it's funny :D What the hell, i thought that i have more to say about this wild'n'crazy night, but i don't know what happened to me. I just can't re-tell the events which happened in the past. For example, i didn't tell anything about summer camp for my mom, i just don't know what to tell her. Nevermind, that's the picture of what we were eating on wednesday night.

popcorns, pizza, watermelon, peaches and grapes. slippers don't match in this picture :D

When everything is done, it's the time to watch a good movie! Like we did. We watched Tre metri sopra il cielo, what means three steps over heaven. I've seen that movie earlier, but mah bffs wanted to watch it and i was like okay, i like seeing the same movie more than one time. So, we watched it and were absolutely shocked. Haven't ever imagine that love can be that pure. And now we're about to see the other part of this film -  Ho voglia di te.

I love those girly conversations at night. We spoke a lot about everything. I love my life, that's the main thought that was on my mind. I'm lucky to have the friends like Vi & Ruth, i'm lucky to have my both parents, i'm lucky that i have someone to talk to... Life is a good thing. It's even not a thing. We're all lucky that we have a chance to live our own life. Do everything we want to. Be free.  

Appreciate your live, you only live once,
G :')

Jul 17, 2011

Back from camp

Now i understand why i hate summer camps. They make people cry, when it's time to say goodbye. I didn't cry a lot, but it was possible to see tears in my eyes. 

I met a lot of nice people there. It was really difficult to say goodbye for them. I won't tell you everything right from the start, 'cause memories sometimes make me cry too. You just need to know that i'm sad a loooooot. Really, i didn't think it could be this amazing. Words can't describe all the things i want to say. 

I don't know... Now home seems sooo strange for me. I've already got accustomed to spending time with other teenagers and now it's hard to be alone at home. No people around. Just mom. I love her. She makes veeeeeeeery tasty dishes and that's why i wanted to go home. And of course, i miss her. Ahhr, i've already miss all those people who were in the camp. Hope to meet them one more time. 

Nevermind. I'm back and that's the most important. I MISS YOU ALL. I WANT TO MEET UP WITH EVERYONE. 


Jul 10, 2011

aaaand July begins

It's been 4 days since i'm back from BiH. Still can't realize that i'm already in Lithuania :) Anyways, it's not that bad. I shouldn't cry because it's over, i should smile because it happened :) Days in Lithuania are very lazy. I mean, very very lazy. Just met Dominyka on Thursday and that's all. Other days i spent at home basically. Don't really want to go out, need to rest a bit. 

I love July. It's one of those months when i'm not at home. Summer camp starts on Monday and i'm very excited about it. I don't know what to expect for, 'cause this camp is absolutely for free. I only know that there will be something like working with guns and another military stuff. Mom says that she can't imagine me doing this, but i always wanted to try something like that, so it's a very good chance for me :) I'm a daddy's girl. All that stuff of his job makes me like whoaaa, i wanna do it too. 

My cat sleeps like that since i'm back. She really won't let me go somewhere else. All these days while i'm at home, she fawns upon me, purrs and so on. What a good feeling when you know someone misses you :') 

I'll be back from that camp on 17th of July, Sunday. Everyone who wants to meet up, please, contact me, 'cause i miss you all and there won't be much time. I'm leaving again on 26th of July (Tuesday). I said that i don't stay at home in July! :D 

Btw, i want to write a post about my new purchases, but now i'm too lazy to do anything :) All you need to know, that i bought a jumpsuit, a sweater and a pair of jeans in BiH trip. aaaand today i bought two summerly dresses and a pair of wedges! Meh and wedges don't really match, huh? :D Anyway, it's time to take my sneakers off :) 

Well, i guess that's all i wanted to say. Don't worry, be happy, put a smile on your pretty face and enjoy SUMMER!

hugs and kisses,
G :)*

Woups, i nearly forgot! Today is U-19 World Basketball Championship final. Who's gonna win? Lithuania or Serbia? Don't miss the chance to see it :) It starts 21:15 (Lithuania time). Good watching! ;)

Jul 7, 2011

Labas, Lietuva!


I'm back. And i'm empty a little bit. I left a part of me in BiH. We had a really great time there. I even don't know where to start from.

We took part in 4 concerts and every single of them was amazing and funny. During our shows something always went wrong. But that's OK. Nothing can't be perfect. In spite of this, it was a really good feeling to dance for other people. 

All these days we were really busy, but we weren't tired at all. All the nights we were partying and so on, so we slept maximum about 3 hours. All these days were the same, but at the same time, different. You can't imagine how sad it was to leave everything. The picture in the beginning proves that :D 

I don't know what to say more, so maybe i'll post some pictures from the trip.

our friends came to say goodbye


gettin' ready for a show :) vi-meh

PARTY HARD with cookies :D karolina-aiste-vi

the last night in BiH :/ karolina-vi-meh

a view through our window

our bus that we travelled by ♥

already in Croatia. still in love with this country.

Photos can't show everything that we had done. The best memories are in the heart and can't be expressed by words. You need to feel it by yourself. Believe me, YOU HAD TO BE THERE! I've already miss those times and all the people. And the main thoughts in my head are like if we were in BiH now, we'd probably be on our way to some city where we have to perform. Or smth like that. Couple of days and everything will be okay. I'm gonna live a normal life. Friends, parties and stuff. 

Miss ya all,
G :*