Jul 30, 2011

Time in Palanga

You know what? Palanga is the best place to have fun when it's summer! The weather wasn't very good, but who cares, those four days were soooooo damn good. I met up with Diana and Neringa and all i can say is that the meeting was perfect :) I was stupid that i worried about not knowing Neringa well, 'cause she's is very talkative and nice girl. What about Diana? She has a very good sense of humour. I like that.

Umm... I noticed that i write new posts when it's late and then it's hard to remember something :D I don't like baltic sea, so i haven't bathed at all. Just been chilling on the beach, taking looks at various people (or should i say guys?) and enjoying my summer. It's a really good feeling when you have nothing to worry about and all you have to do is just live your life. 

Btw, that guy, who said 'hi Goda', if you're reading this, i really hope you do, it was really unexpected when you said it :D I don't know why i've just wrote this, but it had to be mentioned somewhere. 

Whoah, i see it's time to sleep, 'cause my thoughts are somewhere, but not in my head. I will upload some photos on FB someday, so you will be able to see a little part of my vacation in Palanga. Okay, goodnight everyone, i need to have a good sleep, 'cause i need new clothes. Shopping time tomorrow! :D

Love you all,
G :D*