Jul 17, 2011

Back from camp

Now i understand why i hate summer camps. They make people cry, when it's time to say goodbye. I didn't cry a lot, but it was possible to see tears in my eyes. 

I met a lot of nice people there. It was really difficult to say goodbye for them. I won't tell you everything right from the start, 'cause memories sometimes make me cry too. You just need to know that i'm sad a loooooot. Really, i didn't think it could be this amazing. Words can't describe all the things i want to say. 

I don't know... Now home seems sooo strange for me. I've already got accustomed to spending time with other teenagers and now it's hard to be alone at home. No people around. Just mom. I love her. She makes veeeeeeeery tasty dishes and that's why i wanted to go home. And of course, i miss her. Ahhr, i've already miss all those people who were in the camp. Hope to meet them one more time. 

Nevermind. I'm back and that's the most important. I MISS YOU ALL. I WANT TO MEET UP WITH EVERYONE.