Jul 23, 2011

Living life

Yesterday i came back from Ruth and was too tired to post something of our adventures. Soo, my wednesday-thursday night was amazing! Not only night, but nevermind.
We always make pizzas, pies and etc. when sleeping at someone's home. That day we made pizza! Ruth said to write a post about making the pizza, but i don't know... maybe later :)

meh waiting for the pizza to bake :D

finally it's done! ^^

Only pizza to eat isn't enough, yo? So we made popcorns! I'm not the fan of popcorns, but these were really tasty. We ate popcorns in 5 minutes, i guess. Lol, it's funny :D What the hell, i thought that i have more to say about this wild'n'crazy night, but i don't know what happened to me. I just can't re-tell the events which happened in the past. For example, i didn't tell anything about summer camp for my mom, i just don't know what to tell her. Nevermind, that's the picture of what we were eating on wednesday night.

popcorns, pizza, watermelon, peaches and grapes. slippers don't match in this picture :D

When everything is done, it's the time to watch a good movie! Like we did. We watched Tre metri sopra il cielo, what means three steps over heaven. I've seen that movie earlier, but mah bffs wanted to watch it and i was like okay, i like seeing the same movie more than one time. So, we watched it and were absolutely shocked. Haven't ever imagine that love can be that pure. And now we're about to see the other part of this film -  Ho voglia di te.

I love those girly conversations at night. We spoke a lot about everything. I love my life, that's the main thought that was on my mind. I'm lucky to have the friends like Vi & Ruth, i'm lucky to have my both parents, i'm lucky that i have someone to talk to... Life is a good thing. It's even not a thing. We're all lucky that we have a chance to live our own life. Do everything we want to. Be free.  

Appreciate your live, you only live once,
G :')