Jul 10, 2011

aaaand July begins

It's been 4 days since i'm back from BiH. Still can't realize that i'm already in Lithuania :) Anyways, it's not that bad. I shouldn't cry because it's over, i should smile because it happened :) Days in Lithuania are very lazy. I mean, very very lazy. Just met Dominyka on Thursday and that's all. Other days i spent at home basically. Don't really want to go out, need to rest a bit. 

I love July. It's one of those months when i'm not at home. Summer camp starts on Monday and i'm very excited about it. I don't know what to expect for, 'cause this camp is absolutely for free. I only know that there will be something like working with guns and another military stuff. Mom says that she can't imagine me doing this, but i always wanted to try something like that, so it's a very good chance for me :) I'm a daddy's girl. All that stuff of his job makes me like whoaaa, i wanna do it too. 

My cat sleeps like that since i'm back. She really won't let me go somewhere else. All these days while i'm at home, she fawns upon me, purrs and so on. What a good feeling when you know someone misses you :') 

I'll be back from that camp on 17th of July, Sunday. Everyone who wants to meet up, please, contact me, 'cause i miss you all and there won't be much time. I'm leaving again on 26th of July (Tuesday). I said that i don't stay at home in July! :D 

Btw, i want to write a post about my new purchases, but now i'm too lazy to do anything :) All you need to know, that i bought a jumpsuit, a sweater and a pair of jeans in BiH trip. aaaand today i bought two summerly dresses and a pair of wedges! Meh and wedges don't really match, huh? :D Anyway, it's time to take my sneakers off :) 

Well, i guess that's all i wanted to say. Don't worry, be happy, put a smile on your pretty face and enjoy SUMMER!

hugs and kisses,
G :)*

Woups, i nearly forgot! Today is U-19 World Basketball Championship final. Who's gonna win? Lithuania or Serbia? Don't miss the chance to see it :) It starts 21:15 (Lithuania time). Good watching! ;)