Jul 26, 2011

Leaving again

This time it's not for like week or two. Only for 4 days. I haven't been in Palanga since 2009, so it's really necessary to spend a few days in this city this year. I'm not going with my friends like almost every teenager does. It's a family trip. With my mom, godmother, her husband and their kids. 

I'm meeting Diana and Neringa on wednesday. I'm so excited about it. Haven't seen Dia since 2009 and i really miss her. I remember almost everything about our first meeting, but i won't tell you everything, 'cause it's a little bit shameful :DD In general, the meeting was good and i hope it will be the same this time! Now about Neringa. I have never seen her in real life, just been talking a few times online. I'm a bit nervous about meeting her, 'cause i don't know her well and maybe we will have nothing to talk about... I hope it won't come true and everything will be good. Really want to see these girls :)

morning coffee in Vilnius while waiting for an airplane to land on

Enjoy every minute of the summer, 'cause the school year is near, hehe :D I'm not upset about going to school, are you? Okay, maybe a little bit, but the school is a part of our lives and that just is. 

G ;D