Jul 7, 2011

Labas, Lietuva!


I'm back. And i'm empty a little bit. I left a part of me in BiH. We had a really great time there. I even don't know where to start from.

We took part in 4 concerts and every single of them was amazing and funny. During our shows something always went wrong. But that's OK. Nothing can't be perfect. In spite of this, it was a really good feeling to dance for other people. 

All these days we were really busy, but we weren't tired at all. All the nights we were partying and so on, so we slept maximum about 3 hours. All these days were the same, but at the same time, different. You can't imagine how sad it was to leave everything. The picture in the beginning proves that :D 

I don't know what to say more, so maybe i'll post some pictures from the trip.

our friends came to say goodbye


gettin' ready for a show :) vi-meh

PARTY HARD with cookies :D karolina-aiste-vi

the last night in BiH :/ karolina-vi-meh

a view through our window

our bus that we travelled by ♥

already in Croatia. still in love with this country.

Photos can't show everything that we had done. The best memories are in the heart and can't be expressed by words. You need to feel it by yourself. Believe me, YOU HAD TO BE THERE! I've already miss those times and all the people. And the main thoughts in my head are like if we were in BiH now, we'd probably be on our way to some city where we have to perform. Or smth like that. Couple of days and everything will be okay. I'm gonna live a normal life. Friends, parties and stuff. 

Miss ya all,
G :*