Aug 1, 2011

Goodbye July, hello August

The last month of summer. Time really flies by. I haven't even noticed how June and July passed. Okay, maybe i've been traveling too much and that's the reason why time flies by. But it's better than to stay at home and do absolutely nothing, just watch TV and sit in front of computer, isn't it? 

As almost everyone knows, i don't like to plan my life. I don't know what to expect for from August. Usually, it is the best month of summer for me. Yeah, i know it sounds a bit weird, but this month gives me an understanding that i must appreciate my time much more than i do. When school year is near and you still have 31 days left to make your summer absolutely amazing, you just can't sit alone at home, watch TV and nibble some snacks. You have to go out, meet new people, find new places, party hard, make memories... Just enjoy your summer :) 

So, i wish you to spend the last month of summer so, that after everything you could say my summer was perfect.

You better be good, August,
G :P