Oct 2, 2011

Saturday in Zarasai


Yesterday i went to Zarasai together with my dad's co-workers families. It was organized by his job and only for those families, which men are in Afghanistan right now. So, we had lots of entertainments there, but for me, it was a bit boring. You know, others kids were about 5 years old, so i had nothing to do, but to be with my mom and grandparents :) 

Anyways, it's better than studying for maths exam :D I really hate maths. I prefer lithuanian language, english, history, but not maths, chemistry and physics. So, i should continue my story of the weekend.
We went to see the oldest oak in Lithuania. Its height is 23 meters, thickness - 3.5 meters and its age is... about 1500 years! Unbelievable, right?

So, as i said, i was a bit boring, but big thanks fly to Domantas for helping me to spend my time there. We were texting a lot, so my mobile batteries died after a few hours :D 

So, this trip was a bit not what i expected, but nevermind. I know they try to do everything for us to be happy and i really appreciate it. After a week i'm going to Vilnius. It's going to be kind of the same, but the most important part is that we'll be able to contact our heroes! Can't wait for it.

G :>