Oct 4, 2011

5 months


5 months. That's how long my dad is in Afghanistan. I know i've already posted almost everything about him, but i really miss him. Actually, i didn't even notice that it's already 5 months. Time really flies by and it's not because my dad isn't here. All these years passed away so fast (i know, i know it's 3 months left 'till New Years), i didn't even feel it. 

So, it's only a month left and, i hope, my dad is back. I know he needs to stay a bit longer there, so it's not exactly one month left, but a bit more. But those few days don't mean anything when you're waiting for him to get back for soooo long. 

Those kids who have their parents by them side are very lucky. They see their parents everyday, they talk to each other, argue sometimes, but this is how the real family looks like. People aren't perfect, but together they can make something like this. Arguing with each other is a part of our lives and it happens for every of us. That's just is. Love all the people who surround you. Without them it'd be very difficult to live. 

G :)