Oct 21, 2011

Before i die

I saw this on Dafne and Gabby's blogs. In fact, it made me to think about what i want to do in my life. I was searching all these images on tumblr and really got inspired. It seems just like small things, but when you realize how it's important for you, you're just flooded with such a good feeling and all you want to do is scream 'one day i'll do this'. I don't know why and how, but the smallest things make me happy recently. I'm really thankful for somebody who gave me an understanding that life is such a good thing.

Yeah, there are no shopping things and stuff like that. I just think that it is not the main thing what happiness is made from. We need to be happy about every little thing, we must appreciate everything we have. I can't stand that kind of people who are unhappy about their life. Do you know who are REALLY unlucky? People who barely make ends meet because of super small amount of money, woman who is beaten by the man who should be her loved one, children who don't have parents, people who don't have home, those who can't eat whatever they crave for and are happy about every little piece of something what they can eat... There are a lot of people who live worse than you, so please, stop talking that your life is shit, 'cause you have everything to make it perfect. 

G :]