Oct 20, 2011

Happy bday to the sexiest girl alive

This girl celebrates her 15th bday today! I know, it's hard to believe that she's only 15, 'cause she looks like... at least 18 :)) I don't know what to say about her, 'cause i've post quite many posts about her.
She was my classmate. Yeah, WAS. This year she went to an another gymnasium and i very miss her. We sat together in all the lessons, so it's really hard without her now. She's really a chatter-box, so she always were talking and talking and talking. I was quite tired of all her stories, but now i realized how much i miss it. I miss everything about her. 
Of course, we meet up three times a week in dancing lessons, but it's not the same. She's not by my side everyday!!!  OH CRAP, I MISS HER! ♥

I like giving presents on the exactly bday day, so do my friends. So, after school me and Karolina went to an amazing, tiny and the cutest flowers shop ever. I really recommend to visit it if you live in Panevėžys, 'cause it's so amazing. Actually, i don't know the address of it, but it's somewhere in Respublika street, near to the Ameli Boutique :) Yeah, it's the cutest flowers shop ever, i want to have one like this when i'm older. We always buy flowers here for our dancing teachers, parents, friends... So, visit it if you haven't yet ;) 
So, we bought bright coloured bunch of flowers. Karolina (it's not the same who i went to buy flowers with) is very girly, so we thought that the best flowers for her are the pink ones. 
We had a dancing lesson today, so it wasn't hard to plan everything. Karolina, Ruta and me met up a bit earlier and were waiting for another Karolina soooo much. Finally, she came and everything was amazing. We sang 'happy bday' to her, gave her flowers and wished everything the best. 

Happy bday to the sexiest girl alive,
G :*

Actually, this had to be posted yesterday, but i got sick and had no energy to sit in front of computer. My body's temperature is a bit higher than it should be, so i'm really sad that i won't be able to attend Karolina's bday party. Have a great bday, darling! :*