Oct 14, 2011


Today i went to Vilnius, 'cause my dad's job organized one more trip to spend some time together with others soldiers families. Again, just little kids were there, but it wasn't boring as in Zarasai. We had some free time, but almost everything was planned exactly in seconds. So, basically we were in KAM (Krašto Apsaugos Ministerija) listening to the speeches of important people. They were talking about soldiers in Afghanistan (i can't believe i've already learnt to write this word without google translate), about their duty there and so on. After that we made a pie, which was soooooo tasty that i HAD to ask for the recipe. I think i'll write a recipe post. While eating, others were talking online with their men, but only for 5 minutes. We were almost in the end of this thing, so had a lot of free time, but there was nothing to do. So, i was sitting in front of the table and texting Domantas. Finally, it was our turn for talking, so we went there and after that we went straight to the bus, 'cause it was freaking cold. Actually, i like cold weather, but it was too much. I'm afraid of thinking about the winter. Brrr...

Generally, i enjoyed this trip. I really felt all the spirit of waiting. Some nice man was singing a few songs about military, it really touched our hearts, almost everyone were crying. You don't know how hard it is to be apart for so long. All those families live only by waiting for their men. They're really good at it. I'm proud of those wives, who catch on. It's the most important thing, while their men are in such a risk.