Sep 28, 2011



What the hell, is it the same blog which i always read?? I think it's the main thought that came into your head. And the answer is simple. Yes, it is. I really wanted to change my blog design for a very long time, but i just couldn't decide what i want to do with it. I needed some inspiration and it was my tumblr :D It's a little bit strange that i got inspiration not from other people, but from me.

My tumblr background is white and all the letters are black. It's very simple design, but i really like it. I can't stand that kind of blogs where are tons of various things and you can hardly see what you really need. So, i decided to do the same with this blog. Only b&w is a bit boring, so i mixed it with the pink colour and i think it looks great!

I added some new functions to my blog. Now you can rate my blog posts by pressing like or dislike. Well, i actually hope that you like my blog :D Also, i changed comments into the lovely thoughts, i think it sounds more cute. And i moved all the gadgets into the right side to make the posts' width bigger.

So, i hope you like all the updates and i also hope that you'll read my blog as you did until now. It would be the greatest estimation for me ;)