Feb 1, 2012

Quick snack


I'm about to watch the newest episode of pretty little liars. I don't know what about you, but i must have something in my mouth when i watch films or TV series. So, i decided to make a quick snack that reminds me of my parents childhood stories. They always tell me that those sweet things remind them of their childhood. 
So, here we go :)

This is all you need: some long loaf slices, an egg, some milk & some sugar

I also made a picture of process 

 1. Beat the egg. 2. Whisk the egg, pour some milk (don't pour too much!) and mix everything up.
3. Put the long loaf slice into this mass, make sure it touches the mass just a little bit, otherwise it won't be tasty.
4. Put the long loaf slice on the pan and then sift some sugar on it.
5. Do the same step with another side.
6. Put all the slices on the plate and sift some sugar one more time.


just a random shot of my cat while cooking

G :)