Feb 26, 2012

Birthday gifts


I marked my bday on friday and had loooots of fun! Some of you asked me when you'll be able to see some photos of my sweet sixteen party and all i can say is i don't know. My camera is broken, i can't take pictures using a flash, so my friends brought their own cameras and i don't know when i'll get all those photos. But i'm planning to get them during the next week, so it's quite fast :) It's kind of a long introduction, so talk less work more :))

milka singles mix

I'm not crazy about milka chocolate, but i always enjoy when someone gives me to taste it :D Also, i have to buy it when it has a lower price, so it's a good choice to give me milka as a gift. I can't remember who gave me this (maybe kotryna), but i'm really thankful for that! 

chocolate made in germany and given to me by meda&enrika&aiste

Flowers!!! I didn't like to get them in recent years, but now my opinion changed a lot. Flowers can really cheer me up, especially now, when the weather outside isn't very good. Most of them are colored pinkly what i reaaaaaally like, 'cause pink is one of my favourite colours! Thanks for everyone who brought me these :)

money money money must be funny in the rich man's world......

Since i always have a lack of money, i asked my friends to bring me some. Kidding... I go on a roadtrip with my dance friends every summer and it costs a little bit much, so i always say to my friends that giving money as a gift is always a good idea. When i put them all together i can easily pay for the bus ticket and it means that i'm gonna have a great time with my besties! I can't remember when was the last time i didn't ask for money ahaha :))

t-shirt that says i have the pussy i make the rules! given by migle&dovile

I really like this one! My friends know how naughty i am, so it fits perfectly to me :)) I also mentioned something for sisters that i'm about to make a t-shirt like that, but they were faster and gave it to me. Gonna rock every crazy party with this one hehe :D 

So that's it. As you can guess the main gift is moneyyyy, lots of money. In total, i got about 900Lt what is ~260€ if you wonder :) Quite a number, huh? So, as i said a post with some photos will be posted the next week, keep on reading if you're interested in moments of my birthday party! :)

thanks for reading,
G ;)

Btw, i have no idea why i'm wearing my sunglasses at home o_O