Jan 29, 2012

Saturday with J!!!


I can't explain how happy i am! Yesterday mom woke me up and asked me if i want to go to Kaunas and i was like what? to Kaunas? sure!!! and of course i summarily thought about Joana. We're friends for like 5 years and it's incredibly strange that we met each other on the internet. I've never thought that i could meet someone so close to me on the internet. 
I'm really upset about living in different places, 'cause we meet up just for like 3 times in a year. But that's better than nothing and when we have a meeting we spend hours just talking to each other and laughing. It's never enough for us, we try to stay together as long as possible and when it's time to say goodbye i'm almost crying. It's a really strong relation between us and it kills me when i realize i'll see her just after three months. 
We appreciate every minute spending together, we try to do as much as possible while being together. I can easily say she's one of my besties!

it was very cold outside, so we spent hours sitting in vero cafe @Akropolis
meh trying not to pose, lol :D

I didn't even notice how those 5 hours flew by. I told you it's never enough for us! Can't wait to see her again! Maybe i will be able to make it on her birthday which is in April :')

Superduperhyperekstramegaultra happy G ^^