Feb 15, 2012



Yesterday i had a concert in my primary school. I haven't been there for like 3 years, just didn't want to feel that nostalgic feeling.
When i opened the door, everything seemed so familiar. Summarily i saw a little girl and she reminded me of myself when i was little. She was running downstairs just like i did more than 5 years ago. It really touched me. I wish i could bring all these old times back.

boy who studies in our class now
my old classmates
my primary school teacher and me in the beginning of 4th grade

I really miss all the old classmates of mine. Some of them are my classmates now, but it isn't the same. Visiting my primary school brought me lots of memories and i was quite upset after a concert. It's the best school ever and the fact that it'll be closed in two years is very disappointing... Children who study there are really the happiest children in the world!