Apr 30, 2011

It doesn't feel like weekend

I think the title says everything. All this weekend i'm feeling not so well, 'cause i have lots of things to do.
Friday was good. I met my old friends, the last time i saw some of them was in summer! So i was very exited and so on about meeting them.

Agnytė is eating a tastyyyyyy hotdog

Before this meeting i was spending my time with Karolina. It doesn't matter that we're classmates and spend half a day together, but i still need her by my side after school. She's a huge part of me. I really appreciate her. She always helps me, always makes me smile. This girl is trying to bring me and one guy (the one i like) together, but it doesn't work out for now. And i'm happy about it.
Our friendship is perfect. Really. Everyone should be jealous for us. And i'm not afraid to say that, 'cause this is truth. I know Karolina will read this post and all i want to say is i love u, girl.

isn't she beautiful? muuoh

meh eating pizza

We were drinking cola'n'mojito, eating pizza and just chilling. Then we got cold, so decided to order latte to take out. Walking through the city with this beauty is always amazing, so it was yesterday. 

Now i'm doing nothing. Lots of kinsfolks are at home. Unofficial dad's seeing-off party is happening. He's leaving on Tuesday. And it seems that those two days left are an eternity.

Everything will be okay, i know,