May 3, 2011

Empty Tuesday

Heya! I was planning to write a loooooooong blog post about daddy's departure, but decided not to write it, 'cause, i think, everything i wanted to say i said in earlier posts.
It was hard to leave him. I was crying a lot and now i'm feeling a little bit (no, i should say sooooo) empty. Seems like i'm only bones and skin and have no feelings. So, in my view, i'm not a human now. I'm something.

seems like they're going to have lots of fun there!

Thanks God i have such nice classmates, so i had no time to be sad. They tried to make me smile and they truly did. I was smiling for real and not pretending. After school they invited me to go to cafe. We had really great time there and i almost forgot about my dad. But he's on my minds all the time. And he'll be for another six months. 


You know, listening to Justin Bieber actually helped me *giggles*,
G :)
My cousin's birthday is today, so i wish her all the best! Happy birthday, Greta :** 15 is such a great age!