Apr 25, 2011

School break is over | Moments of my holidays

Heya. How was your school break? I did sooooo much during the holidays, so i can say my school break was totally perfect and amazing. And i am not upset about going to school tomorrow, 'cause i know we gonna have a great time there. It's only a month of those 'crappy' 6 hours per day in school and summer comes afterwards. Every student is waiting for this season, isn't it truth?
As i said before, my school break was perfect. Take a look at the moments of my holidays :)

me with my friend's rabbit named Saulytė 

c'mon c'mon move your body, hell yeah

i love fast food and it doesn't matter if i'll get lots of kilos ^^

chilling with Ruth. hey, visit her blog  :)

i love this beauty so damn much, she's amazing

doing stuff in the city with these giorls was amazing

me posing near to the Eurobasket commercial

dad's seeing-off party. he's leaving after a week...

oh my gosh, the shadow of my nose is terrible :DD
Easter morning, btw

finally on my way to home, i hate being in village

There are just a few photos of my school break. Believe me, you don't want to see the other ones :D Hope your past week was as amazing as mine. Hey, ppl, don't be sad about going to school tomorrow, summer won't come without a month like May, hehe. Might this month brings you happiness and understanding that LIFE isn't all about the summer.

Hugs and kisses,
G :)