Mar 1, 2012

Spring has sprung

Hey guys!

Doesn't it sound good that it's already spring?! I'm really happy, because summer is getting closer and closer. I thought i like cold weather and wearing chunky sweaters and stuff like that, but actually i don't. I can't wait to wear short-sleeved tops, shorts and dresses!.. Weather today isn't very good, i'd really like to see a sunlight just for a moment :) 

I couldn't have a better beginning of the spring! It doesn't matter that roads are covered by loads of snow, the sun in my heart really shines. I checked my post box today and found a letter!!! I was so surprised, 'cause i don't get lots of letters and i immediately came home and opened it. It was one of those letters which are written by hand. I was so excited, 'cause this kind of letters is really a rarity. The letter warmed me up very much! I can't say how happy i was when i finished reading it. The content was really nice and i was smiling all the time while reading this miracle!

The letter was sent by the girl who has the same name as mine, also she celebrates her birthday exactly on the same day as i do! Isn't that incredible? Her name is Goda and she celebrates her bday on the 23rd of February. I still can't realize it :)) Anyway, i'm looking forward to meet her, i think we could be really close friends :)

G :)