Mar 4, 2012

Saulutė šviečia, į kiemą kviečia

What an amazing weather we had yesterday! It wasn't very warm, because the wind was blowing all the time, but i really wanted to go out for a moment. I asked my mom to come with me and she took our camera and said 'i'm gonna take a few photos of you'. I like the way she takes pictures. 

I got quite cold and couldn't pose for photos anymore, so offered to mommy to go to the local cafe for some coffee. Our house is ~200metres from that cafe, but you know, there are days when you enjoy drinking coffee somewhere else, not at home. A very nice waitress asked us if we'd like to have some dessert and i  was already saying yes when my mum interrupted me and said no. We will make one at home, sweetie. 

After we drank coffee, we decided to visit my grandma. I felt really sleepy, so i had a nap while my mom and grandma were talking about everything. Then i woke up, talked to grandma a little bit and came home, because friends of parents had to come. I got in touch with Vika and asked her to come too! Luckily, she could make it and after a few minutes she was already at my place. We watched eurovision song contest selection of lithuania and i must say that the winner is pretty good. You can listen to the song HERE. 

So that's all about my saturday. Now i have to do my hw and study for chemistry test which is tomorrow. I hope everything will be okay :) Have a good week everyone!

G :)