Mar 9, 2012

I'm soooo happy those snowy days are gone! Sun is shining and my mood is pretty awesome, how cool is that! Today i had no lessons, just went to the cinema to watch a film called 'how we played the revolution' in order to mention Lithuanian independence day which is on 11th March. The film was really good and i don't know why, but when i watch that kind of films i'm always ashamed of how everything is now. People just don't appreciate the freedom they have now, i doubt whether they pity the people who died for freedom... People are so spoiled today and i'm really ashamed because of them. 

But today is friday and the first part of it was totally amazing! My bff karolyte has a little party today at her place and i still don't know if i could make it or not. And now i have to tidy my room, wash dishes and do other houseworks. Parents' little helper ahaha :)) 

Have a good friday everyone! Kisses!!!!!!