Jan 8, 2012

Just thoughts


This is it. School break is over and i'm starting school tomorrow. Well, these two weeks were better than nothing, i rested very well. Basically, i was at home all the days, and yeah, i know it doesn't sound well, but nevermind. Just didn't feel like going somewhere, so i had only one sleepover at karolyte's place. I can't imagine spending the time with her without having fun on chatroulette! We stayed there until 6am, met one nice belgian and two hollanders. We had really great time there, as usually.

Of course, me and my friends had lots of fun on christmas day and on new years eve. Well, one unpleasant thing happened this week and i don't really want to talk about it. Just... it's quite hard time for me. I feel like i'm losing all the closest friends of mine. We're friends like for more than 4 years and the feeling that we're falling apart really sucks. I know it's not gonna be like before and it hurts, but i just want to have them by my side when i need them, not only when they need me.