Sep 19, 2011

Summer review

I know it's going to be quite a long post, so let's go ahead and get started.

So, the first day of the summer was spent @Kirse's house. It was like summer opening, but not as lots of teenagers do. We weren't drinking alcohol, smoking weed and stuff. I don't say that every teenager does like that, but the truth is, that teenagers like spending time drinking alcohol and so on. I don't judge them, it's normal, 'cause we're young, we want to LIVE our lives and everything we do seems to be right.

So, the other days of June were kind of the same all the time. Just meeting up with friends, drinking latte @Galerija XX, talking a lot and doing random stuff. I don't know why, but i like spending my time like that. What a person could need more than true friends. And when you're already with your friends nothing else matters. You just do whatever you want and know that your friends will always take you as you are. 

The most waited thing in June was the trip to BiH. The day before that i wasn't even feeling like going somewhere. Just an another day. When we were already on our way to BiH, i still didn't feel anything. What's wrong with me, i thought, but i couldn't find the answer. Maybe it's because i learned to live at the moment, don't look back and not wonder what's gonna happen in the future. Nevermind, the trip was AMAZING, i can easily say it was one of the best thing this summer! 

After the trip i felt a bit empty, 'cause i really missed the whole BiH routine and stuff. But it didn't last for long, 'cause fours days later i went to summer camp! I really forgot everything about summer camps, 'cause the last time i was in, was... hmm, can't remember :D I had really great time in that camp. I thought it would be something more military, but as it turned out, it was more for chilling and stuff than for working with guns and etc. I'm really glad that i made new friends there. One of my to-do-in-summer point was to meet new people. I think it came out very well. I convinced once again, that i can't judge people just because i don't know them.  Of course, there were a few bitches, who wanted to get attention from the guys, but i only laughed at them :D Funny girls, what can i say... I really miss Raminta. She's friendly, talkative, always with a smile on her face. I know, i look terrible in this photo, but this is the best one that i have.

It was hard to leave everything, but life goes on and that just is. When i came back, i spent a week in Panevėžys with my friends. I think they got bored, 'cause everything i was talking about was summer camp :D i was full of impressions and wanted to tell them everything. They we're listening very narrowly just to make me feel good, 'cause i was empty again. Imagine that you live the whole week with the same people and now bam, you have to go back to normal life... It's not as easy as it seems. 

Oh my god, i haven't even noticed that my summer review is already in a half-way. Most days i've spent with friends doing random stuff, so i don't know what to say more about that. I think it's the main reason why time flies by. Friends help you to forget everything, they talk to you, they laugh, they want you to be happy. That's what i call best friends, 'cause when you're with them, you don't notice that it's almost 5 AM and you're still not bored being with them. 

Okay, after the camp i went to Palanga with my mom and godmother's family. I was waiting for it so much, 'cause i knew that city Palanga means that i will meet up with Diana and Neringa! I was so excited about it! But everything went okay, i'm glad i met these girls, they're really friendly and so on, so being with them wasn't boring at all!

All the nights me, my mom and godmother's family spent in the bars drinking drinks, talking and doing stuff like that. It was nothing special, but i liked it. I see my godmother once a year, 'cause she lives in DENMARK (!!!), so, it's really important to be with her. I miss her everytime she leaves. Oh, i nearly forgot... I met up with Emilija too. Probably she was the first classmate i met in summer :D

I'm really obsessed with these waffles, they're SOOOOOOOO delicious. I ate two each day and i still miss them taste. So, basically i was on the beach catching the sun all day, i needed more dramatic tan, but it didn't work out. 


Whoa, i've just now noticed that those two photos are really the same :D So, when i came back from Palanga, i had one more month to make my summer absolutely amazing. I don't know why, but i didn't spend it memorable. Again, just been chilling with friends and so on.

We were watching the friendly basketball matches between Lithuania and other countries. It was a preparation for EuroBasket 2011. It doesn't matter that they were friendly matches, but they cost lots of nerves for me and my friends. We were waiting for European Championship sooo much and now when everything is over it seems like it lasted only for two days. I'm really proud of Lithuania team, no matter what people talk about them, they'll always be my heroes!

Woah, i nearly forgot! I met up with Joana in July! We had a really great time together. She's my best friend who i met on the internet. It sounds incredible, i know, but she's really a big part of me. She taught me a lot. I'm really thankful to her and she will be my best until i die. Kisses for you Joana, i know you're reading this :*

So, i think that's it. I don't know if it is what you expected for, but i hope you enjoyed my summer review. This summer taught me lots of things, so i focused on everything i learnt during the summer. 
I know that's is almost a month since summer passed away, but i was really busy with my school stuff and EC, sorry for that ;)