Sep 23, 2011


Today is the day when my parents are married for 16 years. It's quite long, huh? Imagine that you live sixteen years with the same person and you don't need nothing more just to be together. 

My parents are together since they were fifteen. They were soooo young, but they fell in love and they're in love until now. It's really incredible, i think. In our days it happens just for a few people. I mean, my parents were the first ones for each other and the fact that they live together until now makes me be proud. I'm really happy about it and i dream of love like this :> Living all this life with the one, who you fell in love with in adolescence. 

It's doesn't matter that my dad is in Afghanistan right now, he remembers every occasion which is worth to be mentioned. He always sends flowers :') I think it's really hard to be apart on this special day, but only two months left and my dad is back! Can't wait to see my parents happy.

G :)