Aug 20, 2011

Basketball fever

Yeah, i know i haven't posted something new for quite a long time, but c'mon, it's summer! 

Lithuania is crazy about Eurobasket 2011. Wtf, why does it mark 'Eurobasket' as a spelling mistake? :D Sooo, almost all the old roads are new now, the main thing - the ball - is everywhere... I'm a bit sick of all those things and stuff. But. I know that basketball means a lot for lithuanians and the fact that Eurobasket gonna happen in Lithuania is pretty amazing. 

So, friendly matches happen in recent days. Today was Lithuania-Russia. Lithuania didn't win, but i don't care about the result, that basketball team is my favourite all the way and i just can't judge them. They try, they fight and give everything to be the winners. Well, shit happens someday, it can't be perfect all the time. I have a few photos from today match (yeah, i was in the hall and watching it LIVE ^^).

after Lithuania national anthem


is it me or is he soooo handsome? :D

two points! hell yeah!

good job, guys :)


hand wave ^^ there you can see an Amberis - Eurobasket 2011 talisman

'Lietuvos Rytas' cheerleaders and Amberis

I'm really excited about Eurobaket 2011. Don't know what to expect for, but i'm pretty sure that one month just gonna be CRAAZYYYYY. Can't wait for all the foreigners to come to our country, for all that basketball spirit and for everything that is related to this awesome game!

Don't know what to wish for,
G :D