Jun 20, 2011

A week until a trip

Hey everyone! I hope you're feeling well, 'cause i am not. I am very moody all this weekend. And the most important that i don't know why. Every little thing annoys me and makes me cry. Well, shit happens.

This week must be good, 'cause it's the last one of june when i'm at home! Where am i going? To Bosnia & Herzegovina! I know, for some people it doesn't sound good, but for me... Last summer i was in Croatia and it was the best vacation i have ever had. Beaches in Croatia are amaziiiiiing, people are amazing too. I have one croatian girl as a friend on fb and i'm very jealous for her that she lives in Croatia :) Soo, Bosnia & Herzegovina is near to Croatia and this fact makes me feel... i don't know the words to describe it. I only know that this country is very same as Croatia (or maybe not?) and this trip will be AMAZING. It must be amazing, 'cause Vi is going too! Ahh, can't wait.

I need to do lots of things this week, so i think i won't be able to write something here. Of course i will come here to say goodbye for a while :))