Jun 21, 2011

Gettin' ready for a trip

Heya! :)
I know that it's a little bit early for packing my stuff and so on, but i'm very excited about this trip! I mean, i do not pack my suitcase, but i need to look through all my clothes, to see which ones of them are dirty and need to be cleaned and so on.

Mamma told me to make a list of things for the trip and i think my blog is a great place to write everything down. So, here it is:

  • toothbrush, soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste... all the supplies of hygiene :) 
  • swimwear
  • rain-coat, an umbrella
  • Aistė's iPod
  • UNO game
  • nail polish, nail polish removal, makeup supplies, makeup removal
  • medicine
  • earrings, necklaces, rings... you know, women :))
  • sewing supplies
  • a cup, a fork, a knife
Now it's the time for the food. Niahm!

  • quick-cooking soup
  • bread
  • medžiotojų sausages :DD
  • Belvita cookies
  • chocolate bars: snickers, twix, 3bit, fitness, kinder bueno...
  • something to drink
  • coffee called Nescafe 3in1, tea
As you can see i do not eat very healthy. Also, you might think that there's nothing to eat, so do i :D Whatever, this trip is not for eatin', it's for havin' fun all the way!

stuff i'm going to take :) of course, my cat won't come with me :D

Ppl, i need some help. Can you leave the comments bellow with some good music links? Or write me a PM on FB :) Hope you'll help me!
Btw, my playlist absolutely changed! Now you can listen to summer songs. Enjoy! :)

Best wishes,
G :)*