May 30, 2011

Nesugalvoju pavadinimo ^^

Hey :)
Seems like i haven't written for ages, so i need to share some news with you. Firstly, summer is near! I do not like planning so, i don't know what my summer will be like. Of course, i know it'll be awesome. Summer MUST be awesome, you know. 
I wrote a message for Ruth today. Asked about the weather in Cyprus, about their life there and so on. I'm so jealous! They live near to the sea, the landscape is amazing, every person is happy about life in Cyprus. I wish i was there :D It's been only four days without them, but it seems like an infinity. Btw, Ruth said she would upload some photos on FB, but it costs a little bit much, so we won't see the photos now. Can't wait 'till they come back, hehe. All the best wishes for Karolyte, Kirse & Vikule from Cyprus! Ruth loves ya all. 


I spent my weekend with Kirse and her family. I couldn't think that time with our both families could be this amazing. Of course, my dad wasn't there, but, still, the weekend was good. I love her, i appreciate our friendship. She really means a lot for me :')


And now, i'm about to take place in an event called Bubble the City. It's really funny. All the people blow bubbles. The view is awesome. This event makes people smile and it's really good to see people smiling. You can read more about it here. So, if you have nothing to do, it's a good chance to take place here. C'mon, people ;D

Have fun,
G :)